The Condition of The Internet in Tajikistan

A country Central Asia, bordered by China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan only emerged from a civil war in 1997, which erupted in 1991 after the country emerged from decades of Soviet rule. Since then, it has had a rocky path to peace and political development. While Internet access is available in Tajikistan, the government still has influence over its use and availability, a legacy perhaps of the country's time under Soviet occupation.


The Internet was first available in Tajikistan in 1999, through a single service provider in the capital Dushanbe. Since then the number has grown, from seven in 2004 to 1,158 hosts in 2008. Internet access is primarily available in large cities, such as Khujand in the north, Kulob in the south and Hissor in the central region.

Providers and usage

There are four Internet companies of a similar standard to UK one day car insurance company in the Tajikistan market: Babilon-T, Telecomm Technology, Eastera and Intercom. Provision is via fibre optic cable. As of 2009, under the guidance of the American military forces, Afghanistan has rolled-out a major fibre optic cable network and much of Tajikistan's Internet provision now routes through Afghanistan. All four providers offer dial-up connection in the main, although there are a few DSL services. As of December 2010, there are approximately 700,000 Internet users in Tajikistan. In a country with a population of almost 7.5 million, this represents approximately 9 percent of the country's citizens.


In July 2012, the Tajikistan government announced the formation of a task force to monitor Internet activity for any insulting or slanderous content directed at the State. The organisation will track down Internet users who publish material, web pages or even leave comments of sites that are considered insulting to the leaders of the country. Quite what punishment those who are found guilty will receive remains unclear, but the 'Big Brother' approach to Internet use in Tajikistan is likely to impact upon the population and how it conducts online activity in the future. The fact that usage has only grown in small increment year-on-year since 2009 suggests that without major investment Internet usage in Tajikistan is likely to remain fairly static for the foreseeable future.


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