Website Review: car insurance for over 60s

The landing page at begins with a call to arms. It states that many over 50s are paying too much for their car insurance, but that something can be done. Overall the landing page is very persuasive and gives the impression that the site owner is an expert in their field. The site does not simply advise visitors to use price comparison sites, but offers useful additional advice such as 'look after yourself' since medical conditions can lead to increased car insurance premiums. One of the final items on the landing page is a link to a price comparison site, which appears at the bottom of every page.

The site as a whole is neatly presented and reminiscent of an old-fashioned print magazine article. The tone is knowledgeable, friendly and not overtly advertorial, and it makes good use of headings to help the reader find information on each page.

While visiting different subpages within the menus entitled Buying Cheaper Insurance and Insurance Traps to Avoid, I realised that different photographs and background colours had been used for each subpage. This was visually jarring. Some of the information in these subpages was repeated from the landing page, but with more detail and extra links.

I found the Buying Cheaper Insurance menu confusing at first because the items listed in the drop-down menu seemed to change each time I clicked through to a different page. Eventually I realised that the page I was currently visiting was not listed in the menu. My confusion was compounded by the the fact that the heading on the subpage did not always match the name of that subpage in the menu.

The Useful Info menu, as its title suggests, offers further advice and resources for drivers over 50. This information is less overtly pertinent to car insurance than the previous sections. This section enhances the feel of the whole site as a useful information resource for older drivers. Authoritative sources like the DVLA are cited when they are quoted and links to the sources are provided.

Provides a balanced view of car insurance considerations for older people
Simple, neat visual layout with large font
Well-researched and provides links to credible sources
Detailed instructions on topics relevant to the site's readership

Confusing menu structure
Colours and graphics change from page to page
Small number of punctuation and spelling mistakes Home

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